St. Augustine, FL Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

Angelus Community

About our chapter

We’re glad you want to know more about our St. Augustine Chapter!

We meet once a week, with periodic breaks for a total of 24 class times. We begin at 8:30 a.m. for morning prayer & the Pledge of Allegiance.

Grammar students then move into their academics where they learn and review memory work;  enjoy half-hour classes of hands on art and science; and fifteen minutes of music.

Dialectic and rhetoric students move into their academics which includes communication with speech – variety of styles – and writing – IEW for dialectic, Lost Tools of Writing for rhetoric. Seminar class includes history, literature, logic, and Catholic culture socratic discussions – guiding students to learn to think and preparing them to express and defend their opinions, not just check a box on a curriculum checklist. We are aware that we are forming future Catholic adults, not just educating children. Our one-of-a-kind Fine Arts Program offers quarterly seminars integrating art, music history, and culture in addition to hands-on projects in the style of famous artists of the time period. Hands-on science for dialectic continues but one hour every other week to allow for deeper study. Rhetoric studies government, economics, and philosophy/logic in the three year cycle – fulfilling those high school credits.

At the end of our class day, 12:00 p.m., families are invited to share lunch and social time before heading home. There are bonus classes from 1-3 for students that are not associated with Catholic Schoolhouse. Ask the director for more information.

Each family is responsible for purchasing materials including the Tour Guide, History Cards, and Music Memory Work CDs.  These are available at the Catholic Schoolhouse Store. Other materials used by the upper levels will be provided as part of their supplies.

Our CSH Community is a real blessing to us. We hope it will be the same for you! Feel free to contact us to learn more and with any questions you may have.

Many Blessings,

Laura & Valerie